Saturday, April 14, 2007

Snowshoe Easter Egg Hunting

We're in Killington. I dropped Brett off at Bear and then took Moby snowshoeing. I took him to a public area near the Killington Town Clerk's office. Moby happily rooted around and found several candy filled plastic eggs leftover from the Easter egg hunt. And since he was wearing his backpack we filled it with colorful eggs!

We were out there for about 40 minutes. I took a little break at the swing set. Apparently Moby has never seen a swing set. He could not get it. He'd coming charging after me when I swung back and then I'd almost hit him coming forward. It was funny.

My knee is feeling good today. I hope I don't get as sore as I did after last week's snowshoeing foray. I came in and stretched for 30 minutes. The therapist said if I had done this last week I wouldn't have gotten so stiff.

There is still a lot of snow out here, and more on the way. We're expecting a Nor'easter.

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