Monday, April 30, 2007

Day 6

First day of physical therapy. I was only able to flex my knee to 38 degrees at the start of the session. By the end I could flex it to 45.

Things are generally fine. Hooray. My mom is going back home to Idaho tomorrow. Awww. It's been pretty great to have her here even though she beat me at Scrabble 3 games to 2. I won the last game with 290 points to her 258.

My mom and I have been playing Scrabble for as long as I can remember. But probably since 6th grade. It took me a long time to become as good a player as she is. So for a lot of years I was playing catch up -- increasing my vocabulary and developing strategy skills. Then for a few years we were evenly matched. And then she had a series of "mini strokes." That slowed her down a lot at first but she's built back up and now we're at par again.

Life is certainly an interesting journey.

OH, and here's a pic of the hideous bruise that's developed on my leg. It's not pretty.

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