Thursday, April 26, 2007

Day 2

This is my second day of recovery from ACL reconstruction surgery. I slept so much better last. Thank God. It's been almost 7 hours from my last painkiller. That's much better than most of yesterday when I would start counting down the minutes to my next dose.

At this moment I am laying in bed with a ice-water cuff circulating cold water around my knee and a CPM (continuous passive motion) flexing and straightening my leg. The motion is supposed to feel good. It does not.

My mom is here and taking good care of me and Brett. She's been my nurse, waiting on me hand and foot (knee and foot?). She's cooked dinner two nights in a row. And to keep herself busy she's been out exploring the neighborhood. Each time she goes out she brings me a little treat. Cute!

Yesterday I received a beautiful edible bouquet of flowers made out of fruit. Tres delicious. And fruit is exactly what I need at a time like this. Thanks, Ellen!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you watched the procedure. Wow- I don't think I could have done that! The worst should be behind you.... it will get better day by day. Make sure to do your PT when it comes time for that - and you'll be skiing again in no time!!

You're over the hump!! No more worrying about the surgery!!


Clerk said...

Hey, fellow "skiing-wrecked-my-ACL" blogger.

I'm glad your surgery went well! I hope you continue to improve quickly. I'm at 5 weeks and a day now, and doing well!

It's funny to read about the problems you had with the MOA... my MOA was no better! It's even more interesting to hear you compare the pros and cons of the surgeons... what patients appreciate are often different from what the surgeons expect people to appreciate. ;)

Good luck with the recovery!

DA said...

Lisha, thanks for checking in!

Clerk, I keep thinking I should send my "Doctor A" a note and tell him to read how I chose a different doctor.