Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pre-Surgery Testing

Went in to the Hospital for Joint Disease (HJD) today for pre-surgery bloodwork. A nurse took my blood pressure and drew two tubes of blood. I spoke with two different doctors. The second was an anesthesiologist. She asked me if I preferred to have general anesthesia or a spinal block. I asked her questions she says everyone asks.

"If I opt for the general, is there any chance I will be awake and able to feel the surgery but unable to move or speak?" (She said no. But come on -- don't tell me it never happens. I've read the headlines of magazines like Redbook, Ladies Home Journal and Reader's Digest!)

"Is the spinal block the same as what women in labor have?" (Yes. Apparently the needle for women giving birth is bigger for some reason.)

What about the femoral block? Good question. That's just for post-surgery pain. It's not clear to me if they administer that after the surgery but that's what it sounded like.

At the end I had a funny discussion about the "no eating or drinking after midnight the night before surgery." The nurse added "not even gum." Good thing she told me that because I chew a lot of gum! I told her as much and she said that she's addicted to gum and showed me the piece in her mouth (too much information). We ended up comparing our favorite gum flavors! I gave her a piece of Orbitz mint mojito and she gave me some of her Trident tropical twist. Funny.

So, that's it. Next I'll get the CPM (continuous passive motion) machine and surgical brace fitted and then surgery on Tuesday.

I'm also going to talk to my physical therapist about getting her to work out with me in the gym or I have to see someone else. She only does massage and accupressure work. She gives me exercises to do at home but I want to do stuff at the gym with someone. I'm afraid that if it is just up to me that I won't do enough and that it will affect my long-term outcome.

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I love the mojito mint!!