Friday, April 27, 2007


I'm using this thing called a continuous passive motion (CPM) machine. It very slowly flexes and extends my leg. The starting setting is 30 degrees. I'm supposed to increase the degree of flexion a little each day. I'm at 40 degrees now. It's uncomfortable when I increase the setting.

The grey thing over my knee is the cuff that is connected to a cooler full of ice water. The cooler is called The Iceman (see above). The Iceman has a pump in it (like an aquarium) that continually circulates cold water around my knee.

If you look closely at the first photo you can see two white tubes on my leg. Those are the in and out tubes that connect to the hose to the cooler. I think the tubes look like the milking machine attachments at dairy farms. See below.

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SJ said...

Wow, that is a serious-looking contraption!