Monday, April 16, 2007

Knee Surgery Countdown: 1 Week from Tomorrow

This is a picture of a tree knocked down in Rutland, VT by the storm of 2007.

I'm stranded in Killington, back at the scene of the crime. Just a little over a month ago I couldn't walk without crutches, couldn't bend my knee 90 degrees or extend it to a full 180 degrees. But apparently that is nothing compared to what Kate Gosselin went through when she had her tummy tuck!!! (I'm watching Surviving Sextuplets and Twins on TLC.) Poor, poor Kate! What an inspiration.

I think I'm supposed to have pre-surgery bloodwork tomorrow but will have to reschedule. As I wrote above, I'm trapped in VT. The big April snowstorm that hit the northeast made driving conditions too perilous to drive the 5 hours back to NY today. My plan is to drive back tomorrow.

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