Saturday, April 21, 2007

Getting fitted for my post-surgical brace

It's a beast!

(The brace, not the guy.)

It was delivered right to my house along with a CPM (continuous passive motion) machine.

I'll be wearing the brace locked in full-extension for a couple of weeks (or until I see my surgeon after the surgery.)

Apparently you have to force your knee straight or scar tissue could develop and keep you from ever straightening your leg again!

I'm probably spreading a lot of mis-information here. Don't take my word on anything I say. It's all hearsay and filtered through sheer terror.


Anonymous said...

That brace is a beast!! I also had to have a brace, but I only wore it at night (to keep my leg straight) so it didn't have any hinges. I didn't wear one during the day or after full recovery.

I hope all goes well - I'm sure it will. You're strong!! I'll call you soon.


Ps - that was my mojito mint comment in a previous entry. Sorry, forgot to leave my name. :)

Anonymous said...

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