Friday, April 20, 2007

Dr. A's Incompetent Staff and the MRIs

So, one more thing about Dr. A's abominable staff. Dr. A ordered an MRI. When I went to the radiologists to get the MRI, I filled out a form requesting that they send Dr. B the films as well so each doctor would have the same information.

Dr. B's office only got a report of the MRI reading and not the films. Dr B's staff called me one day a few weeks ago to see if I could get the films. HA! "Not too likely!" I say and tell them about the debacle one post below about just trying to confirm an appointment. Dr. B's staff member says, "do you mind if I try to conference them in?" I agree.

Dr. A's assistant Olivia picks up and says she's glad to hear from me so we can schedule the follow-up appointment. I say, "no need." I'm not coming back and I want you to send my MRI films to Dr. B's office. Olivia can't understand the problem. I explain the frustration I have with them. She says, "But I was out of the office." Lady, I don't give a damn. I'm dealing with a serious (though common, I know) surgery. I'm frightened, and I don't want to deal with two offices for my doctor that cannot communicate. She says she has to talk to Dr. A and puts me on hold. For five minutes. I eventually just hung up.

Today Dr B's office called to make sure I bring the bloody MRIs with me on the day of surgery! Oh my G-d! I say, nope. I'm not bringing them. I don't have them and am pretty sure it will be impossible to get them. This staff member is not aware of the travesty that is Dr A's office. I gave her the rundown. She said she'd try calling Dr A's office for me.

Fifteen minutes later Dr B's office calls back. She said NJ answered Dr A's phone. The Manhattan office is closed and not due back until Thursday!

Freaking unbelievable. So now, if Dr B really wants the films I have to pay the radiologists another $100 to get a copy sent to Dr B's office.

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