Monday, May 7, 2007

Week 2 - Post Op Appt

Today was my 2 week follow up appointment with the doctor. He was happy with the way my knee looks. He said "that's a strong knee!" with such enthusiasm, I have to believe he thinks it worked.

So, now I'm free to sleep and rest without the brace. I still need to wear it when I walk -- but it doesn't need to be locked anymore. Hallelujiah. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to getting my first decent night's rest tonight.

I have a couple of ideas to write about here but may not develop them. One thing I've been thinking of is that the blog is really an evolved slide show isn't it? I mean really. Come on. And probably the right word isn't 'evolve' but 'devolve.' In the old days you would have to sit through trays and trays of candid snapshots from some trip you didn't go on. But now you get images of post-surgery bruises. Delightful! And to add insult to injury, blogs require that you put in effort to READ the mind-numbing narrative instead of just listening in the darkened room while your least favorite uncle tells you about the family vacation to Busch Gardens.

Never mind about the other ideas. I'm going to bed.

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