Thursday, May 24, 2007

Endogenous Opioids

I saw the accupuncturist today. She put needles in the joint opposite of where I feel pain; in other words my left elbow. It was a very strange sensation. I felt like my arm was pinned down by a sandbag. And when she manipulated one of the points it caused an electrical shock to run down from my elbow to my hand. I don't know how much (or whether) it helped. I still needed to take a painkiller at 5:00 today. So much for "quantities of endogenous opioids." Maybe tomorrow. She said that I should go two days in a row because the treatments are cumulative. I'd really like to get off these painkillers. They too seem to be cumulative and make me into a zombie.

PK Log:
5:00 PM Vicodin

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