Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No sleep till Brooklyn!

I'm not sleeping well at all. The brace was not the problem. It's my knee. The ports where they scoped my knee are still healing. The incisions were not long, but they were deep. There are at least 4 incision points on my knee. But there is one major one on each side of my knee cap that are the problem. At the end of the day when my knee is swollen I can't put any pressure on either side of my knee. I'm a side sleeper so every night I wake myself up from turning onto my side and bumping my knee. Last night was bad. And after today's physical therapy, I'm pretty sure tonight will be a tough night as well.

But it's all going to get better eventually.

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Mike said...

PT until you get full flex is very painful. There is a guy in my office, big athlete who couldn't get the flex he needed. He basically screamed every time he came in. Eventually it got better for him and me. Wait until the deep tissue massage.

Also, sleep eventually gets better once you tell your brain that you can't hurt it while sleeping.

Good luck.