Monday, June 18, 2007

Eight Weeks

I had a big big weekend in Boston. I went to see the Cyndi Lauper et. al True Colors concert with my friend Stanley. It was reasonably good if a little long. Cyndi was the star. Debra Harry was a nightmare. Erasure rocked and the weather was beautiful. (The venue was held in a big tent.)

I wore a dress that I never get to wear. The tshirt concessionaire was selling "true color" tiaras for just $5 so I had to buy one. It went with the dress. It was fun to wear because I got a lot of attention. I think maybe people thought I was a man in drag -- or maybe a woman playing a man in drag. Either way, people thought it was a gas.

My friend Stanley has an old photo of me "dressed in drag." He said he uses the photo as a trick question: "Is this a picture of a man dressed as a woman or a woman dressed as a woman?" Scary! I thought I was just dressed in a flapper costume with a blonde wig.

The latest on my knee is that I can flex it to 133 degrees. It's practically back to normal in terms of straightening and bending. Now I just need to rebuild my quads and work on some lateral stuff. I still can't run for another 8 weeks but I should be skiing on opening day this winter.

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